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The Internet Is A Playground

ISBN 10 : 9780980672954
ISBN 13 : 0980672953

David Thorne has quickly established himself as the world’s leading internet troublemaker. Since his emailed efforts to settle an overdue bill with a drawing of a spider achieved..

Digital Labor

ISBN 10 : 9780415896948
ISBN 13 : 0415896940

Digital Labor calls on the reader to examine the shifting sites of labor markets to the Internet through the lens of their political, technological, and historical making. Internet..

Wrap It In A Bit Of Cheese Like You Re Tricking The Dog

ISBN 10 : 0988689553
ISBN 13 : 9780988689558

From New York Times bestselling author David Thorne, comes a brand new collection of never before published emails and articles...

The Internet Playground

ISBN 10 : 0820471240
ISBN 13 : 9780820471242

The Internet Playground argues that contrary to the promises of technology boosters, teaching with computers is very difficult. Ellen Seiter points out that the Internet today rese..

Heaven Is A Playground

ISBN 10 : 0803294530
ISBN 13 : 9780803294530

In 1974 Rick Telander intended to spend a few days doing a magazine piece on the courtøwizards of Brooklyn?s Foster Park. He ended up staying the entire summer, becoming part of t..

Look Evelyn Duck Dynasty Wiper Blades We Should Get Them

ISBN 10 : 0988689529
ISBN 13 : 9780988689527

A hilarious collection of new essays by the the New York Times bestselling author of 27bslash6.com, The Internet is a Playground, and I'll Go Home Then; It's Warm and Has Chairs...