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The Drop Goes Plop

ISBN 10 : 1404806571
ISBN 13 : 9781404806573

Mama and baby seagull follow a drop of water, beginning when it is evaporated from the ocean and becomes part of a cloud, through its use by humans, and ending when it is again eva..

The Drop Goes Plop

ISBN 10 : 075002495X
ISBN 13 : 9780750024952

This book starts out with just a rain drop. From that raindrop it shows you the process it goes through for it to come out of your tap...

The Case Of The Missing Caterpillar

ISBN 10 : 1404806555
ISBN 13 : 9781404806559

A group of inquisitive insects learn how the caterpillar was able to disappear...

A Drop In The Ocean

ISBN 10 : 1404805664
ISBN 13 : 9781404805668

What happens to water that swirls down the drain? Learn how water goes from ocean to faucet and back again. See water rush, drizzle, freeze, and float in this story of the water cy..

The Rainy Day

ISBN 10 : 9781409574811
ISBN 13 : 1409574814

A delightful picture book about a wonderfully wet walk. Simple text and colourful illustrations introduce the science of rain to very young children...

The Little Raindrop

ISBN 10 : 9781628738216
ISBN 13 : 1628738219

Originally published in the United Kingdom by Top That! Publishing, 2013...

Raindrops Roll

ISBN 10 : 9781481420655
ISBN 13 : 1481420658

Discover the wonder of water in this refreshingly fun and fascinating exploration of rain, raindrops, and the water cycle from the creator of Rah, Rah, Radishes! and Go, Go Grapes!..