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The Barbell Prescription

ISBN 10 : 0982522770
ISBN 13 : 9780982522776

The Barbell Prescription: Strength Training for Life After 40 directly addresses the most pervasive problem faced by aging humans: the loss of physical strength and all its associa..

Strong Enough

ISBN 10 : 0976805448
ISBN 13 : 9780976805441


Starting Strength

ISBN 10 : 0976805421
ISBN 13 : 9780976805427

Starting Strength: Basic Barbell Training is the new expanded version of the book that has been called "the best and most useful of fitness books." It picks up where Starting Stren..

Tactical Barbell

ISBN 10 : 9781483575834
ISBN 13 : 1483575837

Tactical athletes are a unique breed. You're expected to operate at an extraordinarily high level in stressful situations. Often in dangerous environments. As a SWAT operator, comb..

Mean Ol Mr Gravity

ISBN 10 : 0982522711
ISBN 13 : 9780982522714

Mean Ol Mr. Gravity is a compilation of Q..

Tactical Barbell Presents Ageless Athlete

ISBN 10 : 9781483596099
ISBN 13 : 1483596095

K. Black’s Tactical Barbell and Tactical Barbell II compose a ground breaking multi-dimensional fitness system designed specifically for operational athletes. Not only has the Ta..