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Power Up

ISBN 10 : 9780486801490
ISBN 13 : 0486801497

Enjoyable and informative examination of how Japanese video game developers raised the medium to an art form. Includes interviews, anecdotes, and accounts of industry giants behind..

Power Up

ISBN 10 : 9781613985083
ISBN 13 : 1613985088

What¡¯s to Love: New York Times bestselling author Kate Leth (Adventure Time: Seeing Red, Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat!) and artist Matt Cummings (Adventure Time) create a new, o..

Power Up Lego Nexo Knights Reader

ISBN 10 : 9781338150841
ISBN 13 : 1338150847

An all-new early reader featuring the LEGO(R) NEXO KNIGHTS(TM) heroes, based on the hit TV show. Includes a scanable Combo NEXO Power! Monstrox is back, and now he's in cloud form!..

Memory Power Up 101 Ways To Instant Recall

ISBN 10 : 9781780287416
ISBN 13 : 1780287410

Do you find names, events and facts reaching the tip of your tongue but going no further? Well, help is at hand. Memory master Michael Tipper guides you through his tried-and-teste..

Power Up Your Brain

ISBN 10 : 9781401930844
ISBN 13 : 1401930840

The quest for enlightenment has occupied mankind for millennia. And from the depictions we've seen, monks sitting on meditation cushions, nuns kneeling in prayer, shamans communing..

Power Up

ISBN 10 : 9781400884827
ISBN 13 : 1400884829

A fun and lively look at the mathematical ideas concealed in video games Did you know that every time you pick up the controller to your PlayStation or Xbox, you are entering a gam..

Power Up Your Life Make Stress Work 4 You

ISBN 10 : 9781479728220
ISBN 13 : 1479728225

Stress is a positive force in our bodies that can be utilized to motor our dreams and desires. It can become the power needed to accomplish personal fulfillment, career success and..