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No More Water In The Tub

ISBN 10 : 9780735230514
ISBN 13 : 073523051X

William is getting ready for his bath when the faucet breaks, sending him and his tub surfing through the building! On his wet ride, he collects a strange fleet in his wake -- from..

No Jumping On The Bed

ISBN 10 : 0613000021
ISBN 13 : 9780613000024

Walter lives near the top floor of a tall apartment building, where one night his habit of jumping on his bed leads to a tumultous fall through floor after floor, collecting occupa..

Rat Life

ISBN 10 : 9781440678394
ISBN 13 : 1440678391

The dead body found in the Chemanga River has nothing to do with Todd. He’s been busy making beds at the family motel and writing alien stories to entertain his friends. Sure, a ..

Huggly Takes A Bath

ISBN 10 : 0439102693
ISBN 13 : 9780439102698

When he ventures out from under the bed one night, Huggly tries to figure out the use for various items in the bathroom...

The Yuckiest Stinkiest Best Valentine Ever

ISBN 10 : 9781101655672
ISBN 13 : 1101655674

Even boys will fall in love with this valentine! Leon has a crush. A let-her-cut-in-line-at-the-water-fountain kind of crush. And he's got the perfect valentine. But this valentine..

Green Wilma Frog In Space

ISBN 10 : 9781101641637
ISBN 13 : 1101641630

Wilma?s parents don?t know quite what to do when their daughter wakes up green and requests bugs for breakfast. At school, Wilma?s teachers are appalled by her unusually colorful a..


ISBN 10 : 9780735230439
ISBN 13 : 0735230439

I just don't know what's going onOr why it has to beBut every day it's something worseWhat's happening to me?So begins this uproarious new story from the best-selling creator of No..