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Monte Carlo Methods In Bayesian Computation

ISBN 10 : 9781461212768
ISBN 13 : 1461212766

Dealing with methods for sampling from posterior distributions and how to compute posterior quantities of interest using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) samples, this book addresse..

Bayesian Computation With R

ISBN 10 : 9780387922980
ISBN 13 : 0387922989

There has been dramatic growth in the development and application of Bayesian inference in statistics. Berger (2000) documents the increase in Bayesian activity by the number of pu..

Sequential Monte Carlo Methods In Practice

ISBN 10 : 9781475734379
ISBN 13 : 1475734379

Monte Carlo methods are revolutionizing the on-line analysis of data in many fileds. They have made it possible to solve numerically many complex, non-standard problems that were p..

Markov Chain Monte Carlo In Practice

ISBN 10 : 0412055511
ISBN 13 : 9780412055515

In a family study of breast cancer, epidemiologists in Southern California increase the power for detecting a gene-environment interaction. In Gambia, a study helps a vaccination p..

Probabilistic Graphical Models For Genetics Genomics And Postgenomics

ISBN 10 : 9780191019203
ISBN 13 : 0191019208

Nowadays bioinformaticians and geneticists are faced with myriad high-throughput data usually presenting the characteristics of uncertainty, high dimensionality and large complexit..

Randomization Bootstrap And Monte Carlo Methods In Biology Third Edition

ISBN 10 : 1584885416
ISBN 13 : 9781584885412

Modern computer-intensive statistical methods play a key role in solving many problems across a wide range of scientific disciplines. This new edition of the bestselling Randomizat..

Bayesian Methods For Management And Business

ISBN 10 : 9781118637562
ISBN 13 : 1118637569

HIGHLIGHTS THE USE OF BAYESIAN STATISTICS TO GAIN INSIGHTS FROM EMPIRICAL DATA Featuring an accessible approach, Bayesian Methods for Management and Business: Pragmatic Solutions f..