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Great Teams

ISBN 10 : 9780718080570
ISBN 13 : 0718080572

There is nothing more magical than watching a team come together, to manage adversity as a group, selflessly give to others, to find common purpose. Inspiring that to happen year-i..

The Secret Of Teams

ISBN 10 : 9781609941109
ISBN 13 : 1609941101

Teams are critical to the success of every organization. Departmental, interdepartmental, cross-functional, ad hoc, task-specific—teams do everything from planning the office par..

Great Teams In Baseball History

ISBN 10 : 1410914844
ISBN 13 : 9781410914842

Discusses ten of the greatest baseball teams ever and explains what it was that made each one so great...

Great Teams In College Basketball History

ISBN 10 : 141091495X
ISBN 13 : 9781410914958

Discusses ten of the best college basketball teams in history and explains what it was that made each one great...

Creating Great Teams

ISBN 10 : 1680501283
ISBN 13 : 9781680501285

People are happiest and most productive if they can choose what they work on and who they work with. Self-selecting teams give people that choice. Build well-designed and efficient..

Great Teams In Hockey History

ISBN 10 : 1410914933
ISBN 13 : 9781410914934

Introduces some of the great past hockey teams of the National Hockey League, highlighting their performances during the final games of the Stanley Cup playoffs...

Great Teams In Pro Football History

ISBN 10 : 1410914836
ISBN 13 : 9781410914835

What are greatest teams in pro football and what made them stand out? Learn which players were inducted into the Hall of Fame and the records of unstoppable teams. Discover how pla..