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Animal Architects

ISBN 10 : 1780676549
ISBN 13 : 9781780676548

A fantastic, original exploration of how animals build their homes and the fascinating structures they create. From gladiator frogs to chimpanzees, learn about how animals all over..

Animal Architects

ISBN 10 : 1741142636
ISBN 13 : 9781741142631

Presents an introduction to the animal habitats of such animals as wombats, beavers, prairie dogs, and naked mole rats...

Animal Architects

ISBN 10 : 9780465028399
ISBN 13 : 046502839X

Animal behavior has long been a battleground between the competing claims of nature and nurture, with the possible role of cognition in behavior as a recent addition to this debate..

Animal Architecture

ISBN 10 : 1419711652
ISBN 13 : 9781419711657

Collects photographs of structures created by animals, from the six-foot-high hills of tiny red ants to the colorfully decorated courtship arenas of the bowerbird, showcasing the c..

Animal Architects

ISBN 10 : CORNELL:31924067901276
ISBN 13 :

Explores a variety of animal habitats, proving that nature has many talented architects...

Animal Architects

ISBN 10 : 0531215474
ISBN 13 : 9780531215470

"Learn all about nature's most incredible architects, from what kind of structures they construct to what kinds of materials they use to build."--..

Burrows Nests Lairs

ISBN 10 : 1600591493
ISBN 13 : 9781600591495

Showcases the homes of wild creatures around the world, including the cozy houses of rabbits, mice, moles, and platypuses; the intricate cities of bee hives and coral reefs; and un..