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The Laws Of Software Process

ISBN 10 : 9781135507596
ISBN 13 : 1135507597

Within one generation, software has become one of the principal sources of wealth in the world. The development and use of software has grown faster than for any artifact in the hi..

The 30 Laws Of Flow

ISBN 10 : 096957813X
ISBN 13 : 9780969578130

Introducing The 30 Laws of Flow: Timeless Principles for Entrepreneurial Success. This book is for everyone who wants to grow spiritually, mentally, and personally by discovering a..

More Joel On Software

ISBN 10 : 9781430209881
ISBN 13 : 1430209887

Joel, Apress, Blogs, and Blooks ...I was learning the hard way about how to be a publisher and probably spending way too much time looking at web sites and programming than I shoul..

Domain Driven Design

ISBN 10 : 9780132181273
ISBN 13 : 0132181274

Domain-Driven Design fills that need. This is not a book about specific technologies. It offers readers a systematic approach to domain-driven design, presenting an extensive set o..


ISBN 10 : 9780133440737
ISBN 13 : 0133440737

Few books in computing have had as profound an influence on software management as Peopleware . The unique insight of this longtime best seller is that the major issues of software..

Clean Architecture

ISBN 10 : 0134494164
ISBN 13 : 9780134494166

Building upon the success of best-sellers "The Clean Coder "and "Clean Code," legendary software craftsman Robert C. "Uncle Bob" Martin shows how to bring greater professionalism a..