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The Enigma of the Owl: An Illustrated Natural History

A rare invitation into the mysterious lives of owls around the world, with spectacularly revealing photographs and fascinating details

Perhaps no other creature has so compelling a gaze as the owl. Its unblinking stare mesmerizes; its nocturnal lifestyle suggests secrets and mystery. This lavishly illustrated book celebrates owls from every corner of the world and offers abundant details on fifty-three of the most striking and interesting species, from the tiny Elf Owl of southwestern…

The Enigma Of The Owl

ISBN 10 : 0300222734
ISBN 13 : 9780300222739

Discusses the distinct physical features of the owl and presents a look at fifty three species, describing for each, the regions of the world where they are found, their life cycle..

Owls Of The United States And Canada

ISBN 10 : 0801886872
ISBN 13 : 9780801886874

In this gorgeous book, celebrated natural history writer and wildlife photographer Wayne Lynch reveals the secrets of owls with stunning photographs, personal anecdotes, and access..

The Book Of Owls

ISBN 10 : 0292707886
ISBN 13 : 9780292707887



ISBN 10 : 9780226192758
ISBN 13 : 022619275X

Natural history museums have evolved from being little more than musty repositories of stuffed animals and pinned bugs, to being crucial generators of new scientific knowledge. The..

Owls Of The World A Photographic Guide

ISBN 10 : 9781472905925
ISBN 13 : 147290592X

Having trouble separating your scops from your screech owls, Tengmalm's from Tawny Owl or Collared and Spotted Owlets? Then this is the book for you. Owls of the World is the ultim..


ISBN 10 : 1594858004
ISBN 13 : 9781594858000

In Owl, award-winning photographer Paul Bannick uses his intimate yet dramatic images to track four different nesting owl species--Northern Pygmy, Burrowing, Great Gray, and Snowy-..

Big Pacific

ISBN 10 : 9780691177489
ISBN 13 : 0691177481

The Pacific Ocean covers one-third of Earth’s surface—more than all of the planet’s landmasses combined. It contains half of the world’s water, hides its deepest places, an..