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National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America (National …

Essential for the estimated 62 million Americans who watch and feed birds in their backyards—from the experts at National Geographic and co-author of the popular and perennial best seller Field Guide to the Birds of North America.
No matter where you live—in the country, city, a high-rise or house—this handy guide will quench your curiosity about the feathered creatures in your midst. It features 150 of the most common and interesting birds likely to be observed at backyard feeders,…

National Geographic Backyard Guide To The Birds Of North America

ISBN 10 : 9781426207204
ISBN 13 : 1426207204

Covers more than 150 species of North American birds and includes nearly 300 full-color photos, 150 range maps and 500 additional illustrations, as well as tips on feeding, birdhou..

National Geographic Kids Bird Guide Of North America

ISBN 10 : 9781426310942
ISBN 13 : 1426310943

Profiles one hundred bird species from coast to coast, offers information about topics ranging from bird calls to behaviors, and provides complementary sidebars, range maps, and in..

National Geographic Field Guide To Birds

ISBN 10 : 0792255623
ISBN 13 : 9780792255628

An authoritative series of compact regional bird field guides surveys the diverse bird species in a variety of popular birding hotspots, along with helpful identification tips, det..

Les Oiseaux D Am Rique

ISBN 10 : 3822869732
ISBN 13 : 9783822869734

JOHN JAMES AUDUBON (1785-1851) était un fanatique. Son ambition était de présenter les oiseaux d'Amérique dans un atlas zoologique illustré. Il lui fallut un peu plus de dix a..

National Geographic Photography Field Guide Birds

ISBN 10 : 0792268784
ISBN 13 : 9780792268789

Text and color photographs depict the art of bird photography, and cover equipment needed, approaching a bird, and capturing pictures of them in flight and in different lights...

National Audubon Society North American Birdfeeder Handbook

ISBN 10 : 0789403374
ISBN 13 : 9780789403377

A guide to creating a bird-friendly environment, with tips on feeders, nestboxes, birdbaths, recipes, and bird identification..

An Illustrated Guide To Attracting Birds

ISBN 10 : 0376030895
ISBN 13 : 9780376030894

Discusses bird-watching, characteristics and behavior, eighty common North American birds, landscaping to attract birds, bird foods, and birdhouses and feeders..

National Geographic Field Guide To The Water S Edge

ISBN 10 : 9781426208683
ISBN 13 : 1426208685

Provides a guide for all the flora, fauna, and natural phenomena found along the coast of North America...

Classroom Birdwatch

ISBN 10 : CORNELL:31924097701464
ISBN 13 :