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JavaScript & Jquery: Interactive Front-end Web Development

Learn JavaScript and jQuery a nicer way This full-color book adopts a visual approach to teaching JavaScript & jQuery, showing you how to make web pages more interactive and interfaces more intuitive through the use of inspiring code examples, infographics, and photography. The content assumes no previous programming experience, other than knowing how to create a basic web page in HTML & CSS. You’ll learn how to achieve techniques seen on many popular websites (such as adding animation,…


ISBN 10 : 9780596805524
ISBN 13 : 0596805527

A revised and updated edition offers comprehensive coverage of ECMAScript 5 (the new JavaScript language standard) and also the new APIs introduced in HTML5, with chapters on funct..

Javascript The Good Parts

ISBN 10 : 9780596554873
ISBN 13 : 0596554877

Most programming languages contain good and bad parts, but JavaScript has more than its share of the bad, having been developed and released in a hurry before it could be refined. ..

Effective Javascript

ISBN 10 : 9780132902250
ISBN 13 : 0132902257

“It’s uncommon to have a programming language wonk who can speak in such comfortable and friendly language as David does. His walk through the syntax and semantics of JavaScrip..


ISBN 10 : 9785941578771
ISBN 13 : 5941578776

На наглядных примерах даны практические приемы программирования клиентских сценариев для Web брау..

Beginning Javascript

ISBN 10 : 9780764573774
ISBN 13 : 0764573772

What is this book about? JavaScript is the preferred programming language for Web page applications, letting you enhance your sites with interactive, dynamic, and personalized page..


ISBN 10 : 9785496005944
ISBN 13 : 5496005949

Любой язык программирования имеет свои сильные и слабые стороны, однако язык JavaScript в большей степ..

Javascript Patterns

ISBN 10 : 9781449396947
ISBN 13 : 1449396941

What's the best approach for developing an application with JavaScript? This book helps you answer that question with numerous JavaScript coding patterns and best practices. If you..

Javascript How To

ISBN 10 : 1571690476
ISBN 13 : 9781571690470

JavaScript How-To provides all the tips, tricks, and techniques required to use the scripting language efficiently and effectively. This comprehensive reference to JavaScript provi..

Javascript The Definitive Guide

ISBN 10 : 0596554478
ISBN 13 : 9780596554477

This Fifth Edition is completely revised and expanded to cover JavaScript as it is used in today's Web 2.0 applications. This book is both an example-driven programmer's guide and ..


ISBN 10 : 9780132735469
ISBN 13 : 0132735466

This task-based, visual-reference guide has been fully revised and uses step-by-step instructions and plenty of screenshots to give beginning and intermediate scripters what they n..