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The Assassin

ISBN 10 : 9781780879314
ISBN 13 : 1780879318

When an old friend asks the President of the United States to name a warrior to lead a private war on the masterminds of terror, the president sends Jake Grafton, who takes along h..

The Assassin Dominic Monroe

ISBN 10 : 1475915470
ISBN 13 : 9781475915471

After witnessing the brutal death of an informant, a young woman is swept into a deadly realm of espionage and adventure after she follows a stranger up the stairs one night at a p..


ISBN 10 : 0806526203
ISBN 13 : 9780806526201

From the shadows of the ancient Middle East comes the terror known as the Hashishin, an order of professional assassins that evolved from the ancient and infamous Brotherhood of th..

The Assassin

ISBN 10 : 1440635781
ISBN 13 : 9781440635786

A political assasin is ready to make his move. The police department's only clue is a single, perfectly typed bomb threat. And worse yet, the police aren't sure they can trust thei..


ISBN 10 : 1412817595
ISBN 13 : 9781412817592


The Assassin

ISBN 10 : 0843946849
ISBN 13 : 9780843946840

With the fate of millions hanging in the balance, a U.S. agent must discover who has developed a deadly new biological agent and tested it in the desert between Jordan and Saudi Ar..


ISBN 10 : 9780802723802
ISBN 13 : 0802723802

Bella isn't evil. But even people with good intentions can end up doing bad things. Especially when they meet people with the power to persuade them to do almost anything, like Joh..

The Assassin

ISBN 10 : 9780786022731
ISBN 13 : 0786022736

New York Times Bestseller A weapon of catastrophic destruction. A nation on the brink of unspeakable disaster. And the ultimate enemy lies closer to home than anyone realizes. Only..


ISBN 10 : 9781456715977
ISBN 13 : 1456715976

The U.S. President has directed his close friend Patrick Hanley to hunt down the most wanted terrorist in the world and eliminate him. The Assassination of the Turkey President and..


ISBN 10 : 9781466813090
ISBN 13 : 1466813091

Yevgenni Anatolevich Tarankov, known as the tarantula, is out to turn back the clock in the new Russia and return to the good old days of communism. Ex-CIA officer Kirk McGarvey kn..